Need business training or coaching?

Successful entrepreneurs understand that, to continue running a business, they can never stop learning. They’re always looking for ways to hone their skills or improve their knowledge. Community Futures understands this too – that’s why we’ve been offering business consulting services for over twenty years. Our staff are business experts with an intimate knowledge of the unique characteristics of the local economy they serve. Plus, they can help you connect to a wide network of business leaders committed to creating thriving rural economies.

Community Futures Programs and Services

Tips and Tools

  • How to write a Business Plan
  • Cash Flow Template
  • Calculators
  • What does Community Futures Look for in a Business Plan?
  • Why Businesses Succeed
  • Podcasts
  • GoForth Education for Entrepreneurs: This comprehensive training program teaches you the 100 essential skills necessary for running a successful business. This training is most helpful for people who are starting or business and those have been in business for up to 5 years – even if you have been in business for a while, we guarantee you will learn stuff. Training is delivered through streaming web video so you can learn when you want to. Contact your Community Futures officeto get $25 off the cost of GoForth training!
  • Business Counselling and Advice: Ask your Community Futures office about their business counselling and business plan assistance services. These services are typically free of charge for the first 4 hours.
  • Business Consulting Services: Ask your Community Futures office about Business Consulting services. You may need assistance with business projects like marketing plans, feasibility studies, or investment attraction strategies. Contact your Community Futures office to see if they can help you or point you in the right direction.
  • Loans: Ask your Community Futures office about the various small business loan products they offer.