Things to Do Before Staging Show Homes to Buyers


Show homes in Calgary always look picture perfect on magazines or online sites. Even if you go to open houses, most of those for sale look extremely appealing. Homes that have a ‘for sale’ sign should always be seamless. Neat and striking houses attract more buyers, that is a known fact.

If you are ever putting a ‘for sale’ sign on your front lawn, don’t get too in a hurry to sell your property. Take some time to stage your home in such a way that anyone will find it difficult not to purchase it. Prior to open houses, video or photo shoots, consider the following tips to make your home more appealing:

1.Sentimental Value

Don’t allow sentimental value to get in the way. If you’re selling the home via a real estate agent, give them the liberty to alter the interior design to make the space look more attractive. If you are doing your own home staging, detach yourself from the personal belongings you have decorated in your home. Remember, what might appeal to you, would throw off buyers. If you want to be able to come up with the best looking home ready to sell to buyers, make sound and objective choices as to which set-up appears most engaging. Besides, the things and decorations that mean to you the most, you can take to your new abode. Keep in mind to take down all the personal items you use as decorations such as pictures, holiday cards made by your children, trophies and medals.

2.Tidy Up

This is an awfully basic tip. More than the home price, dirt and mess turn off all possible buyers, so scrub away. Do a general cleaning prior to an open house. However, on the day itself, don’t forget to clean up the little mess your family may cause such as wet towel on the bathroom sink and milk stains on the kitchen counter. Take a few minutes to dust off your furniture and things that people may most likely hold. If you have a pet or two, momentarily put away their things. Fix the bed spreads and make sure they are not crinkled.

3.Deodorize Air

Match the clean home with freshened air. Feeding the nose with aromatic scent is just as important as feeding the eyes with visual perfection. Many buyers complain about food or dog smells when exploring a residence on open house days. Don’t allow this to happen. Exhaust all food smells from your kitchen and dining area. Place some air purifiers in every room. Keep in mind to use purifier with mild scents. If your home has an airy exterior atmosphere, you can simply open the windows.

4.Highlight Strong Points

Most show homes in Calgary are staged in a way that all the strong points of every space are highlighted. Take out unnecessary stuff in the rooms to make them look bigger. If you have a fantastic view of the outdoors from your windows, make sure the curtains are open. Consider tucking away rugs and carpets especially if the floor is made of quality tiles or hardwood. Also, small rooms look more spacious without rugs.Staging show homes may take some effort. However, if you are bent on selling your property, be ready to sweat out a little. A few sacrifices must be made in order to reap better rewards.